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5 May

Should you try this Peel-Off Face Mask?

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Pilaten masks have been a beauty trend for a hot minute, with beauty gurus sharing viral videos of the seemingly magical blackhead removing face peel all over Youtube an Instagram. I will admit, that the intrigued weirdo in me (AKA my true self) found disturbing pleasure in watching ‘DIY black head mask gone wrong”, lets just say if you don’t get the glue ingredient ratio – yes glue – it can make for a pretty painful yet viral piece of footage!

My mask usage and collection has slowly grown. I started out with a charcoal mask by The Body Shop -I must say that it’s one of my long-time faves that I always go back to and I know it’s risk free considering you just wash it off. I have yet to try the cloth masks that you simply lay over your face, as well as the latest self-foaming mask, that’s certainly also on my list of must try-masks. But given the popularity of the black peel masks, I had to give it a whirl and see what all the fuss is about.

My advice:

I’ve used peel-off masks before and my experience with them, as well as my trauma post-Youtube videos, somewhat prepared me for this one. Although you might be temped to apply the product to your entire face in efforts to be completely blackhead free – I would strongly oppose this.  You’re going to want to stay away from any part of your face that has a lot of hair.  Yes, there are fine hairs all over your face, but it would be best to avoid areas around your hair line, eyebrows, jaw and upper lip. I find that personally blackheads tend to form on my nose an chin, thus I opted to apply the mask to my T-zone. You can go for a full face application, but be warned –  these black head removal peels can often double up as a slow and painful wax!

My Experience:

The product takes about 5-10 minutes to dry depending on the thickness of the layer applied. When removing the peel, I didn’t find it to be particularly painful given my strategic placement, but you can feel the little hairs on your face being pulled.  A lot of the videos online show the peel extracting a whole lot of black heads from the skin, however this was not entirely the case when I used the product. I did see a few, however in retrospect, I feel the product probably would have been more effective had I opened my pores prior to application.

My Verdict:

I’ve actually used the peel on a number of occasion – I find that there is something strangely addictive about it! Other than my obsession my peeling pimples off my face, I’m quite impressed with how soft the peel leaves my skin!

Should you try it?

If masks are your thing then sure, why not? I think it works and as you develop a more concrete beauty routine, you can find ways to make your products work in the ways you’d like them to. I will say that if you have yet to get into using masks, I would advise against this peel mask as your introduction. Opt for a simpler cloth mask or wash-away mask, ‘simple’ is definitely the way to go.


Nicole Norman
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