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15 Jul

Fashion Week: What you don’t see

Often as spectators we don’t consider the time and effort that has gone into producing the shows we oogle over in anticipation. Its a brief presentation compared to all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Fashion and fine arts photographer, Sarah Keogh captures the moments before the lights go down in a brilliant display of photographic artistry. Have a peek at the dark side of fashion week. Enjoy. ...
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14 Mar

Rough City, Tough Girl

So today I got the opportunity to experience the excitement, stress and fast paced nature of fashion styling. As a college assignment, students had to come up with various themes and concepts that could be clearly communicated through editorial photographs. My group came up with the theme title " Rough City, Tough Girl", a concept centred around a glamorous girl, who isn't afraid of the raw realities that city life presents. She is powerful, confident and exudes glamour.These are some shots...
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