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26 Aug

Yeezy Ripped Tee DIY (VIDEO)

Kanye West, Yeezy, DIY, Ripped Tee, T-shirt, Normadic Online, Cape Town Fashion Blogger
Cape Townians recently had the opportunity to check out some authentic Yeezy merchandise this past weekend as a Yeezy pop-up store came to the city. If you however missed the chance to get your hands on some of Kanye's creations - or perhaps you (like me) were well aware of the event, yet couldn't afford to even window shop - no less purchase something - you'll be happy to know that you can create your own Yeezy inspired tee with...
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19 Aug

Tees, Turbans and Timeouts

As much as I love winter (and constantly keep mentioning it) I am so looking forward to summer this year. I am ready to once again slip on one or two pieces, pair it with a cool shoe and go! I am currently looking forward to the mid-semester break that is just a week away, while Cape Town teases us with day after day of warm sunshine - paired with sudden bursts cold wind just to remind us winter ain’t over...
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12 Aug

What I Wore this Winter: Bold Outerwear (VIDEO)

Winter is my favourite season of the year. I really enjoy how layering coats over chunky knits paired with a great boot means instant #ootd style! I must say that apart from a few days of heavy rain, I found this winter to be quite mild and fleeting.  Given the season is almost over and we are fast approaching spring days once more, I though I would introduce this project I had worked on with Gilbert Emedi a while ago...
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16 Jul

Come With me to Fashion Week! (VIDEO)

Have a look at what we got up to at the South African menswear spring/summer shows held in Cape Town, South Africa. Remember to like, comment and subscribe - your support is greatly appreciated and makes all the difference when it come to publishing content! View all my SAMW posts here. Thanks to Gilbert Frux from EMEDI Productions for part footage...
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14 Jul

Nigerian Design Stars Wrap Up SAMW

Mai Atofo, SAMW, Normadic Online
The fashion industry seems to have an everlasting reputation as a space of glamour, excitement and energy, with fashion week dubbed as the crowing event. The who's who of the industry come out in their numbers to rub there superbly styled shoulders and bask in all their bougieness. Its a marathon of sorts and by the final day of exhaustion-inducing parade, it’s only natural that any die-hard fashion week  attendee would feel depleted as the shows come to and end....
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13 Jul

Rich Mnisi x Thebe Magugu at SAMW Day 3

Emerging Johannesburg design talents, Rich Mnisi and Thebe Magugu came together to create and showcase one of the local fashion industry’s most highly anticipated collections. Entitled, “Family Photos”, the collection is an incredibly personal one that features imagery of the design duos loved ones. Those interested in ordering the limited edition range will be touched to know that their made-to-order pieces can include their own personal images as provided. ...
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12 Jul

SAMW Day 2: Highlights & What I Wore

Normadic, Fur coat, Nicole Norman, Cape Town Fashion Blogger, SAMW
Day two of menswear fashion week served up a host of fresh talent. I was especially excited to see what Julia M’poko had in store for the Mo’Ko Elosa brand. Imprint and Maxivive were also largely on my radar. Imprint Staying true to the essence of the brand designer, Mzukisi Mbane complimented intricate silhouettes with bold colour and clashing prints. Each look was perfectly styled with a number of innovative accessories. I especially enjoyed the floppy hat-inspired head pieces and...
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