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22 Jun

Check yourself out

Online shopping has been around for a while and it's fast becoming the only way to shop. I must admit that until recently I certainly wasn't an advocate for online purchases and would no less consider myself an avid online shopper. My scepticism stems from a combination of the believe that upon  being dispatched, my package is sure to come face to face with some kind of freak accident thus justifying my long time fears, this combined with the reality that...
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26 Apr

My Bokeh Experience

As mentioned in my previous post, The Mercedes- Benz Bokeh international fashion film festival is a platform for talented filmmakers to showcase their works within the discipline of fashion. The event is also and opportunity to gain some serious international exposure for designers as was the case with the first feature of the event’s line-up. The graduate showcase afforded a selected group of young talented design students and recent graduates to show off their creations in a live fashion show...
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21 Mar

Triple Denim, Triple Threat

I’m a huge supporter of the concept of a self-made generation. This movement of young people driven by passion and motivation to create their reality. Perhaps my avid support springs from the fact that I am a self-proclaimed member of said group and have always been in one way or another. I remember selling plastic coil lanyards to my class mates is grade four, beading jewellery in seventh grade and selling my creations to ladies at church. By sixteen, my...
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9 Feb

When I was 21

I’ve never been one to make a big deal of my birthday. This is partly due to a fear fuelled by insecurity that no one would care as much or even remember. I’m no stranger to spending the night before my day, wondering what the following hours will hold, concocting ideas that make waking up on the 9th of February unthinkable! I’m wrong every year, and every year its a good day. I guess that all I really ask for...
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23 Jan

January Quick Fix.

We’re slowly nearing the end of the first month of the year. As the month that follows festivities and break-aways, January is greeted with such vigour as the clock strikes 00:00 and the merry count downs end in joyous celebratory screams. But what about the day after that, and the day after that? The month that receives the greatest welcome out of all twelve also faces the unending wrath of many of its welcomers. Whether its going back to work...
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22 Jan

Review: NIVEA Firming Body Lotion

  Im sure you can recall the TV advert showing off the impressively toned legs and backside of a happy-go-lucky woman running around town in a pair of navy shorts. Those who are not entirely  clear as to her sunny disposition are directed to “ask her bum”. So after the two weeks in which the product claims to firm skin, I will now attempt, with the help of my bum, to suss out the moisturiser thats has got bums all over...
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