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7 Jan

Shop Window: Lekker Kalk Bay

After a day of tempting my unbounded wanderlust on the streets of Kalk Bay and the greater False Bay area as part of the Explore the Cape series, we took a much needed pitstop - or in this case coffee-stop before heading back home. What better place to refuel than the ultra trendy cafe and restaurant positioned so perfectly on the vibrant main road of Kalk Bay, with a name that would make any South African’s mouth water and swiftly...
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2 Jan

New Years resolution in full swing!

First things first - Happy 2016! The new year brings with its so many things, fresh starts and an endless amount of opportunity as well as an endless amount of cheesy sayings (insert quote about page 1 of 365). It also seems that as the clock strikes twelve, a mass amnesia takes over that propels people to make the same resolutions they did around twelve months ago. But hey, in the spirit of the new year, lets call it resilience...
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29 Dec

Allow me to (re)introduce myself.

The relaunch of my blog came about as a sort of natural step in the progression of my career. I initially started this blog as a place I could share the fashion writing I was doing for an online magazine based in London. It was this journalistic internship that led me to further my writing, concentrating on young designers predominantly in South Africa as well as the collaborations taking place in the local fashion industry. Although I believed that my...
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