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22 Jun

Check yourself out

Online shopping has been around for a while and it's fast becoming the only way to shop. I must admit that until recently I certainly wasn't an advocate for online purchases and would no less consider myself an avid online shopper. My scepticism stems from a combination of the believe that upon  being dispatched, my package is sure to come face to face with some kind of freak accident thus justifying my long time fears, this combined with the reality that...
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9 Feb

When I was 21

I’ve never been one to make a big deal of my birthday. This is partly due to a fear fuelled by insecurity that no one would care as much or even remember. I’m no stranger to spending the night before my day, wondering what the following hours will hold, concocting ideas that make waking up on the 9th of February unthinkable! I’m wrong every year, and every year its a good day. I guess that all I really ask for...
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29 Dec

Allow me to (re)introduce myself.

The relaunch of my blog came about as a sort of natural step in the progression of my career. I initially started this blog as a place I could share the fashion writing I was doing for an online magazine based in London. It was this journalistic internship that led me to further my writing, concentrating on young designers predominantly in South Africa as well as the collaborations taking place in the local fashion industry. Although I believed that my...
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26 Sep

A Personal Language History: A Plagued Privilege

Amongst the many privileges my parents afforded me – English as a mother tongue is most definitely one of the most paramount, and by no means an easy feat for a young Afrikaans couple. What they themselves could not nurture - the seed absorbed and cultivated from the garden in which it was planted. The accent grounded growth came naturally and easily as it ought to in the proper environment, with personal stimulation and reward in the form of admiring...
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7 Mar

Time May Change Me

Ten weeks into the year and my energy levels are starting to normalize. The initial vigor has been replaced with a sense of routine – reassuring, yet uncomforting at the same time.Change. The word itself demands attention – whether referring to a delay in your flight departure time or a decrease in your dress size – changes are undeniably happening in our lives; the only logical thing to do would be to embrace it.  Having lived in the same city,...
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