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15 May

The Ultimate Curl Appeal with Tresemmé

Tresemmé, Hair Care, Shampoo, Conditioner, Beauty Bulletin
Not that many people seem to know this about me, but I have a pretty wild little afro! The main reason as to the development  of my “little secret” if the fact that I actually straighten my hair most of the time. Excessive straightening has led to a huge amount of heat damage, caused dryness and split ends. As a result, when it comes to the days that I would actually like to wear my hair natural, I find that the...
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5 May

Should you try this Peel-Off Face Mask?

Normadic Online, Black mask, Peel off
Pilaten masks have been a beauty trend for a hot minute, with beauty gurus sharing viral videos of the seemingly magical blackhead removing face peel all over Youtube an Instagram. I will admit, that the intrigued weirdo in me (AKA my true self) found disturbing pleasure in watching 'DIY black head mask gone wrong", lets just say if you don't get the glue ingredient ratio - yes glue - it can make for a pretty painful yet viral piece of...
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10 Feb

The skin care range that will blow your mind

Neutrogena, Beauty Bulletin, Normadic Online, Nicole Norman
It’s only February and 2017 has already proven to be a year with much in store, and as a result, super busy days and never ending nights seem to be the reality for a lot of us lately. Pair this with the environmental factors we all face as well as demanding careers and responsibilities and you have the perfect recipe for dry and dull looking skin. Enter, the Hydro Boost range by skincare band Neutrogena! I was sent sent three of the range's...
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22 Oct

I’m a Tv Presenter! (watch 1st episode)

Nicole Norman, Exfrontiers, SABC3
As you might now by now a result of my continuous posts on social media - I am a TV presenter! I am super excited about this new role and the challenges and rewards that come along with the experience. I must say that this is quite a big deal for me and this opportunity presents itself as yet another piece in the puzzle that continues to create the picture I envision for my life. It might prove to be...
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16 Jul

Come With me to Fashion Week! (VIDEO)

Have a look at what we got up to at the South African menswear spring/summer shows held in Cape Town, South Africa. Remember to like, comment and subscribe - your support is greatly appreciated and makes all the difference when it come to publishing content! View all my SAMW posts here. Thanks to Gilbert Frux from EMEDI Productions for part footage...
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8 Jul

Winter Look Book (VIDEO)

When it comes to the articles published on the blog, be it a style post, event features or a restaurant review, I am usually one to compliment the crafty imagery KIrsti and I capture together with a couple of paragraphs divulging the details on what truly went down. This time however, I want the imagery to speak for itself. Its a first for Normadic Online, and perhaps it’s the nerves that comes with it all thats has me down with...
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