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10 Feb

The skin care range that will blow your mind

Neutrogena, Beauty Bulletin, Normadic Online, Nicole Norman

It’s only February and 2017 has already proven to be a year with much in store, and as a result, super busy days and never ending nights seem to be the reality for a lot of us lately. Pair this with the environmental factors we all face as well as demanding careers and responsibilities and you have the perfect recipe for dry and dull looking skin. Enter, the Hydro Boost range by skincare band Neutrogena!

I was sent sent three of the range’s five products by South African word of mouth online review platform, Beauty Bulletin. It’s been about three weeks since I’ve first started using these products – and I am totally blow away and cannot wait to share my experience.

The Review:

First impressions

The brand has some pretty impressive graphics promoting the range. It’s all about the hydro-boost you’ll get when using these products so splashes of water are aptly apart of the promotion. The packaging is also quite impressive and convenient in size and structure. I like that the cleaner has pump which makes it easier to access while using the product. The water gel packaging is my favourite; I really appreciate a moisturiser packaged this way as it seems more uncommon when dealing with products at this price point.

Neutrogena, Beauty Bulletin, Normadic Online, Nicole Norman


1. Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser – R99.95

First up is the cleanser of course. I use this on a daily basis , both in the day and at night. The solution really looks and feels like water, besides having a thicker gel-like consistency. Usage instruction indicate that you should first wet your face and then apply the product working it into a lather. As mentioned above, the bottle’s pump is super convenient given the application process. This innovate, lightweight gel is activated by water to not only remove impurities and make-up, but also intensely hydrate skin while locking in moisture.

This is a fresh, lightweight, no-nonsesne solution that does what its says its going to do! It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and surprising hydrated – even before I’ve applied any moisturiser. This very much impressed me as my cleansers often leave my skin feeling tight and dry, this wasn’t the case with the gel cleanser.

2. Hydro Boost Miceller Water – R99.95

I’ve used micellear water as a make up remover for a while now, however, I’ve never found it to be a totally effective make-up remover – until I used the Hydro Boost Micellar water by Neutrogena. Although I wasn’t expecting it at all, this product managed to not only remove all my make up but my really heavy eye make-up as well. Whereas before, make up removing products would leave my skin feeling sticky and in desperate need of a rinse; this micellar water does no such thing – I have no desire to wash my face immediately as my skin feels supple, clean and totally hydrated. Plus my cotton pad usage has pretty much halved!

Tip: If late nights are no stranger to you and by the time you hit the bed, there’s no moving from that point on, I suggest keeping this product close to your bedside with a few cotton pads at bay. This is a totally hydrating face-cleanse in  a bottle! Micelles  water? more like miracle water!

Neutrogena, Beauty Bulletin, Normadic Online, Nicole Norman

3. Hydro Boost Water Gel – R139.95

Now I’ll risk being cheesy, but I really am saving the best for last with this range. I’ve tried a couple of different cleansers, toner and removers in my time but nothing like this moisturiser! If there is one thing you take away from this article – and I mean really take away a (and try), its got to be this Hydro Boost Water Gel. The first time I applied this to my face, I had no idea what to expect, I thought maybe the brand was just being fancy by calling it a ‘gel’. No – this is a gel – and it is amazing! This product instantly hydrates skin, and I mean instantly. I even applied some to my forever-dry lips and it I was forever-dry no more! My skin feels supple, soft and firm and all this is a result of a super lightweight oil-free product that is suitable for anyone with a normal to combination skin. The science behind it is the Hyaluronic Gel Matrix solution that provides an intense moisture boost to dehydrated skin.

Neutrogena, Beauty Bulletin, Normadic Online, Nicole Norman

The Verdict

This is definitely a range to try if you find your skin to be dull and/or dehydrated. The products work beautifully in conjunction, and you can feel it working after just the first application. This probably comes as no surprise, but the Hydro Boost Water Gel is by far my favourite. This product doubles up as an incredible lip moisture and even a primer to apply before make up.

If your looking to try, but are not sure where to start – I’d say give the water gel a chance to blow your mind and then decide if your ready for the full range – at price points of around ±R100, you dont have that much to lose and certainly a lot to gain! #SeeWhatsPossible

Watch my 3 min video review on the range!

Nicole Norman
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