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23 Jan

January Quick Fix.

We’re slowly nearing the end of the first month of the year. As the month that follows festivities and break-aways, January is greeted with such vigour as the clock strikes 00:00 and the merry count downs end in joyous celebratory screams. But what about the day after that, and the day after that? The month that receives the greatest welcome out of all twelve also faces the unending wrath of many of its welcomers. Whether its going back to work...
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22 Jan

Review: NIVEA Firming Body Lotion

  Im sure you can recall the TV advert showing off the impressively toned legs and backside of a happy-go-lucky woman running around town in a pair of navy shorts. Those who are not entirely  clear as to her sunny disposition are directed to “ask her bum”. So after the two weeks in which the product claims to firm skin, I will now attempt, with the help of my bum, to suss out the moisturiser thats has got bums all over...
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19 Jan

Secret Garden.

The blog has been up and running as Normadic for close to a month now and its still somewhat surreal to me. I’ve had this site since December 2012 and have always been so hush-hush about it. I am naturally quite shy and I am generally reserved so finally making my personal site public - almost three years after initially embarking on this journey of online publishing has really been a triumph for me! I’ve always been a creative person, studying...
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14 Jan

Spotlight: FEDISA Girls Rufaro & Stacy Best Friends in Fashion

I sat down at the rustic gourmet paradise that is HonneyBun cafe in Observatory, to chat to recent graduates Rufaro Fanadzo and Stacy Adams about the complex world of fashion, their highs and lows, plans for the future and what it takes to get a highly coveted degree in fashion -  and put it to use!The girls are stylishly dressed as expected, Stacy in a minimalistic monochrome look with hair and make-up to swoon over and Raffy in a bohemian...
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13 Jan

Follow from afar: Pitti Uomo Street Style Highlights

The start to 2016 is no less a start to the fashion year. With the golden globes having dealt out its fair share of glamorous red carpet looks, all eyes now turn to Pitti Uomo. The platform is one of the world's most important when it comes to menswear fashion and launching new mens brands. No fashion show, exhibition or event would be complete without featuring some great street style - here's a peak at some looks captured on the streets of...
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