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22 Oct

I’m a Tv Presenter! (watch 1st episode)

Nicole Norman, Exfrontiers, SABC3
As you might now by now a result of my continuous posts on social media - I am a TV presenter! I am super excited about this new role and the challenges and rewards that come along with the experience. I must say that this is quite a big deal for me and this opportunity presents itself as yet another piece in the puzzle that continues to create the picture I envision for my life. It might prove to be...
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21 Sep

Just Say Maybe

Just Say Maybe, Lingerie, JSM,Normadic Online
Every summertime without fail, the beach body phenomena comes around as surely as the warmer days do. We start to see more online commentary noting the so-called summer-body - or lack thereof. Springtime is certainly a hazy time as winter days seem to linger through the sunshine that teases us day after day. It was one such sunny afternoon that I found myself lounging poolside, yet not quite ready to don a bikini. A friend of mine noted that she loved...
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1 Sep

Spring Rendition

About this Look: Jumpsuit: Mr Price Boots: Zoom Hat: The Fix Sunglasses: Mr Price Rings: Legit
Hello and welcome to my rendition of the Spring-time feature! Not to worry - I won’t be assuming the position of all-knowing fashion-forecaster and predict that floral prints will be in this season (however, I do find my print jumpsuit to be a nod to this act). What I can offer on this official Spring day is some consolidation - if it hit you too fast, you're not the only one! I find that befitting to this city, seasons are slow...
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17 Aug

Developing a skincare routine

The beauty industry has really blown up lately. With new make up products and tutorials everywhere on instagram and youtube, it can be easy to get lost in the glamour of it all while forgetting the mot essential aspect: your skin. More than just skin, but the canvas on to which one experiments with the latest trends in contouring, highlighting, strobing, baking, liquid lipsticks, false lashes, the list goes on! It's a long list and its a lot for your...
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6 Jul

Making Moves

When I started my blog years back in the youth-filled summer days of 2012 (Yes I had a blog back then - check archives) I knew that I wanted to write about fashion and share my journey as I embarked on my fashion school education. Looking back at how I went about things, I can determine a certain apprehensiveness in  my young self. I fell in love with fashion at a very young age. From admiring my mother’s style, dress up...
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