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10 Nov

Detail makes the difference.

Normadic Style, Ootd, Nicole Norman, Fashion, Lookpost, Cape Town, Choker, Lace-up
If theres one style detail that has taken 2016 fashion by storm - it has to be the lace up detail. We’re seeing it on boots, tops , the slide slits of dresses and just about everywhere else. Generally a nod to the trends can do any outfit justice -  but I have to admit that I was never  a less is more kinda girl. This look comprises of not one but three lace up elements! While it was not my intention...
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19 Aug

Tees, Turbans and Timeouts

As much as I love winter (and constantly keep mentioning it) I am so looking forward to summer this year. I am ready to once again slip on one or two pieces, pair it with a cool shoe and go! I am currently looking forward to the mid-semester break that is just a week away, while Cape Town teases us with day after day of warm sunshine - paired with sudden bursts cold wind just to remind us winter ain’t over...
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30 Jun

Lookpost: In Between Time

Its a been a peculiar past few weeks for me - kind of like a real life twilight zone that's been spanning the length of a few forth nights now. Technically, I'm on vacation, but I won't hesitate for a moment to vent that I certainly haven't been treating it like one! Regardless of my snaps stories that boast either a seemly over active social life or playtime snaps with my little bro (there is rarely anything in between), I've...
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9 Jun

Back and Better

Usually my posts start off with a witty little title that catches the discerning readers’ attention. Today however, is not one of those days..Today is a “what you see is what you get kind of day”. After a strenuous semester at varsity, negotiating my passion projects and a quick encounter with a strange and unlikely bout of sickness (I’m better now), what you see is really what I’m able to give right now. I am especially excited for the next few...
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