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1 Nov

This way to summer ’16

Choker, off the shoulder, top, sunnies, long hair, black blogger, normadic online, nicole norman
The sun is finally out in the southern hemisphere and that means it’s finally our turn to donne one of the trendies styles we’ve seen emerge this season. Off the shoulder tops and dresses have been all over international catwalks and famed instagram feeds alike, and know that our summer 16 has finally arrived it’s time for us to indulge in some bare-shouldered fashion too! I’ve paired my shoulder free ensemble with the Baby Girl choker from Afara Custom’s latest choker...
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28 Oct

Fierce Female ft. Afara

Normadic Online. Afara Custom, Nicole Norman, Thigh high boots, denim skirt, choker, denim choker, long hair, blogger, look post, lace bra
Life has been pretty crazy lately, which has lead to my posts being far and few in-between. Juggling numerous projects has become second nature to me and it just seems to be how I function. Blogging has taken a back seat for the past few weeks due to various stress-inducing reasons like school and and a new and exciting position I've taken up recently. Its a strange phenomena that I’m sure exists not only in my own character but many...
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12 Aug

What I Wore this Winter: Bold Outerwear (VIDEO)

Winter is my favourite season of the year. I really enjoy how layering coats over chunky knits paired with a great boot means instant #ootd style! I must say that apart from a few days of heavy rain, I found this winter to be quite mild and fleeting.  Given the season is almost over and we are fast approaching spring days once more, I though I would introduce this project I had worked on with Gilbert Emedi a while ago...
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6 Jul

Making Moves

When I started my blog years back in the youth-filled summer days of 2012 (Yes I had a blog back then - check archives) I knew that I wanted to write about fashion and share my journey as I embarked on my fashion school education. Looking back at how I went about things, I can determine a certain apprehensiveness in  my young self. I fell in love with fashion at a very young age. From admiring my mother’s style, dress up...
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20 Apr

LBD Revival

A few weeks ago Kirsti and I attended the Mercedes Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival media launch at cafe Caprice in Camps Bay and now the count-down to the event is a mere few hours until we get to see what the festival has in store for this year. The festival is known to be hugely elaborate and over the top, in both the films presented and the entire event itself, as a platform for local and international creatives in the...
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