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8 Aug

Make Up Make Out Collection (Review)

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I’ve been using these Factorie beauty products for a while now; I purchased them sometime ago on what I will confess was certainly a spur of the moment purchase as make-up was the last thing I thought I would see in a Factorie clothing store.  After having a look around their “Make-up, Make-out” collection, I picked up the powder contour kit, bronzer, two lipsticks as well as some room fresheners  (they were on promotion). The contour kit and bronzer some...
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11 Jul

SAMW Day 1: Highlights, Reviews & What I Wore

With this being my second time attending the menswear shows, I was less concerned with the the social angst that comes with attending fashion week as one mingles with fashions who's who and was admittedly more excited about seeing what the designers have in-store for the next season. By now I had developed certain favourites and looked forward to spending a few days mingling with my fashion friends, designer pals and blogger buddies while comfortably making contact as we all enjoying...
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22 Jan

Review: NIVEA Firming Body Lotion

  Im sure you can recall the TV advert showing off the impressively toned legs and backside of a happy-go-lucky woman running around town in a pair of navy shorts. Those who are not entirely  clear as to her sunny disposition are directed to “ask her bum”. So after the two weeks in which the product claims to firm skin, I will now attempt, with the help of my bum, to suss out the moisturiser thats has got bums all over...
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23 Dec

Travel Kit Essentials: Don’t leave home without these!

The festive season is inevitably travel season. And with recent airport controls on lock down, the last thing you want to do is have your luggage confiscated - a sure way to start a holiday on the wrong foot! Here are a couple on my day-to-day must haves that I can’t leave home without! 1. Garner Skin Naturals BB Cream The moment I heard about this new BB cream product, was the moment I knew it was the product for me. As...
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