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15 Jul

Fashion Week: What you don’t see

Often as spectators we don’t consider the time and effort that has gone into producing the shows we oogle over in anticipation. Its a brief presentation compared to all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Fashion and fine arts photographer, Sarah Keogh captures the moments before the lights go down in a brilliant display of photographic artistry. Have a peek at the dark side of fashion week. Enjoy. ...
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14 Jul

Nigerian Design Stars Wrap Up SAMW

Mai Atofo, SAMW, Normadic Online
The fashion industry seems to have an everlasting reputation as a space of glamour, excitement and energy, with fashion week dubbed as the crowing event. The who's who of the industry come out in their numbers to rub there superbly styled shoulders and bask in all their bougieness. Its a marathon of sorts and by the final day of exhaustion-inducing parade, it’s only natural that any die-hard fashion week  attendee would feel depleted as the shows come to and end....
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13 Jul

Rich Mnisi x Thebe Magugu at SAMW Day 3

Emerging Johannesburg design talents, Rich Mnisi and Thebe Magugu came together to create and showcase one of the local fashion industry’s most highly anticipated collections. Entitled, “Family Photos”, the collection is an incredibly personal one that features imagery of the design duos loved ones. Those interested in ordering the limited edition range will be touched to know that their made-to-order pieces can include their own personal images as provided. ...
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12 Jul

SAMW Day 2: Highlights & What I Wore

Normadic, Fur coat, Nicole Norman, Cape Town Fashion Blogger, SAMW
Day two of menswear fashion week served up a host of fresh talent. I was especially excited to see what Julia M’poko had in store for the Mo’Ko Elosa brand. Imprint and Maxivive were also largely on my radar. Imprint Staying true to the essence of the brand designer, Mzukisi Mbane complimented intricate silhouettes with bold colour and clashing prints. Each look was perfectly styled with a number of innovative accessories. I especially enjoyed the floppy hat-inspired head pieces and...
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11 Jul

SAMW Day 1: Highlights, Reviews & What I Wore

With this being my second time attending the menswear shows, I was less concerned with the the social angst that comes with attending fashion week as one mingles with fashions who's who and was admittedly more excited about seeing what the designers have in-store for the next season. By now I had developed certain favourites and looked forward to spending a few days mingling with my fashion friends, designer pals and blogger buddies while comfortably making contact as we all enjoying...
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10 Mar

Total White Out

This all white look is the final addition to my outfit roundup and completes the series of monochromatic looks I wore to fashion week. I didn't plan to wear all black, white and grey but its seems that my somewhat simplistic choices worked out pretty well from me. I really enjoy the crispness of this ensemble, while also appreciating the strength behind a look so uncomplicated. Minimalistic is probably the last word I would use to describe myself (in anything I...
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