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9 Jun

Back and Better

Usually my posts start off with a witty little title that catches the discerning readers’ attention. Today however, is not one of those days..Today is a “what you see is what you get kind of day”. After a strenuous semester at varsity, negotiating my passion projects and a quick encounter with a strange and unlikely bout of sickness (I’m better now), what you see is really what I’m able to give right now. I am especially excited for the next few...
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4 May

Miss Match

When it comes to the posts I publish on this site, its usually has a specific purpose or feature to it, but with look posts I've yet to strike the right cords - or so I feel and I certainly admit to being my own toughest critic. I’ve been receiving some comments about my blog not being like others, or having a different style to most fashion blogs out there, I’ve also received compliments about my writing style and a...
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21 Mar

Triple Denim, Triple Threat

I’m a huge supporter of the concept of a self-made generation. This movement of young people driven by passion and motivation to create their reality. Perhaps my avid support springs from the fact that I am a self-proclaimed member of said group and have always been in one way or another. I remember selling plastic coil lanyards to my class mates is grade four, beading jewellery in seventh grade and selling my creations to ladies at church. By sixteen, my...
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14 Mar

Dress the Part

Dresses: The epitome of femininity, or maybe not? I recently read an ode to the sheath, and by ode I mean article, featured on Superbalist’s blog, The Way of Us. The feature article confronted ideas surrounding dresses and moreover, gender roles and breaking them. This got me thinking about my personal style in relation to the one garment that the world associates with the female race.I wore a dress pretty much everyday for the twelve years of my schooling, and...
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10 Mar

Total White Out

This all white look is the final addition to my outfit roundup and completes the series of monochromatic looks I wore to fashion week. I didn't plan to wear all black, white and grey but its seems that my somewhat simplistic choices worked out pretty well from me. I really enjoy the crispness of this ensemble, while also appreciating the strength behind a look so uncomplicated. Minimalistic is probably the last word I would use to describe myself (in anything I...
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7 Mar

Grey Matter

If you're a regular consumer of social media you would be familiar with the many quote-like phrases making the rounds online these days. If this is the case then you are no stranger to the idea of March being the new January.One quarter into the year and those who have managed to plough through the first few months with some kind of routine are well of their way to achieving their goals (if that's you, thanks for reading thus far...
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