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19 Jan

Travel Post: Rome

Known as the Eternal City, Rome lives up to its name by boasting grandiose monuments, beautiful buildings , some of the worlds most famous sights and a truly romanticized ambiance throughout the city.The world famous saying noted that "Rome was not built in a day" and trust me its even harder to see it all in just 4 days, but I managed t emerge myself in the rich history, beauty and tradition the city is known for.After our first day...
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19 Dec

Travel : What’s in the Bag

With my upcoming trip to Italy just days away, I thought I'd write a post about the inevitable duty of packing. For some packing can be a long put-off chore as was my case throughout my school days! It's funny how something so simple as preparing and organizing the contents of one's bag can suddenly become an uncontrollable desire as it signifies the nearing of a fantastical adventure to come! Since purchasing my new hard case suitcase (in hot pink...
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