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22 Jun

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Online shopping has been around for a while and it’s fast becoming the only way to shop. I must admit that until recently I certainly wasn’t an advocate for online purchases and would no less consider myself an avid online shopper.
My scepticism stems from a combination of the believe that upon  being dispatched, my package is sure to come face to face with some kind of freak accident thus justifying my long time fears, this combined with the reality that the picky shopper in me wants to see, touch and try whatever it is I’m about to blow my cash on. This is what has lead me to cautiously shield my credit card from from the seize of the shopping basket; it’s window shopping at is finest – looking, zooming, panning but certainly no touching.
I’ve since become a savvier shopper – and yes an online shopper at that. Its not quite gotten to a point where I’ve had to freeze my cards in efforts to maintain my credit score (Que. Confessions of a Shoppaholic meme) but I’ve made a fair share of purchases that didn’t go as bad as my paranoid self would have me think. My packages arrived on time or even early, my bank account didn’t get completely wiped out and ontop of it, I actually got the actually things I ordered, would you believe!?
Given my consecutive purchases from some of SA’s top online stores as well as a couple of lesser known (and trusted) stores abroad, I can now with my well-deserved online shopper status say thats its not all that bad, in fact its quite great – and convenient at that, and should you too wish to jump on the online shopping bandwagon and actually check out this time – bare these top tips in mind:
1.Go with brands you know and trust
I know what your thinking, you’ve never shopped online so how could you possibly know what you “know and trust?” It just comes down dealing with prominent brands that have a presence, this way if anything were to happen, you could contact them.
2. Make sure it’s locked
Remember to look out for the little padlock in front of the websites’s URL, this way you know that the connection is secure
3. Don’t Tell All
Divulge the details that are required for payment and delivery but you can keep the extras to yourself. An online shop does not necessarily need to know your birthday and tax number.
4. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is
Watch out for deals that are just too good. When is comes to brands, items might vary slightly from store to store, but a huge price difference could get the scam alarm sounding. Know the difference between something fishy and a fantastic deal.
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Nicole Norman
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  • Juanita Abrahams

    Agreed. Online shopping was never my thing but with my busy schedule and sitting at the office for about 8 hours a day, its easier than anything else. i have been started buying gifts online for friends, I love it and trust it that much!

    June 22, 2016 at 9:40 am Reply

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