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15 Jan

Styling Natural Curly Hair

By no means would I consider myself an expert when it comes to styling and caring for natural hair, but by virtue of the stuff growing out my scalp, I think I’m deem somewhat fit to add my two cents to the naturalista conversation. If nothing else, hopefully this article will give you insight as to how I care and style my hair on the days I rock my natural locks. Plus I’ll give you a few pointers to make the process a bit more manageable.

My top tips for styling natural hair:

1. Detangle before the wash (if you can)

I often straighten my hair, so more often than not my hair is straight before I jump into the shower. Whether this is the case or not, I highly recommend detangling your hair before it gets wet as it’s a lot stronger when it’s dry. If you do take a comb to it while wet, do so gently as to avoid breakage, stretching and a potential painful experience. Adding detangling products can ease the blow. With that said, it is also essential to handle your curls with care as you don’t want to break up your natural curl pattern. If it seems like there’s no way around this – don’t fret! Keep reading – I got you 😉

2. Applying product

Applying product to the hair is especially important as not only do you want to lock in those springy curls, but feeding and nourishing your hair is equally important! Curl definers do wonders when it comes to nourishment and styling, but with so many products on the market, finding a product specially suited to your needs and hair type will prove to be beneficial in making the process so much more manageable. I’d say play around with a couple of different products and brands to see what’s out there and what works for you. There’s no reason to commit when it comes to hair!

3. Locking in the look

While air-drying your hair will definitely bring out your authentic curl, using a bit of heat on product-coated hair will lock in defined curls for sure. Using a diffuser will help disperse the heat evenly and gently throughout the hair, and most importantly- it won’t blow apart your curls and create frizz! And for those of you looking for extra volume, a diffuser will be your saving grace, thank me later 😉

4. Refreshing your curls

This may all seem like quite the process, the good news is it doesn’t have to be a daily one! Generally, your curls will last a couple of days with the proper maintenance. Protecting them while you sleep and refreshing them the next day could see you rocking your curls throughout the week. There are also a number of curl refreshers on the market, but the original curl awakening agent will work every time. I’m taking about good ol’ H2O. Spritzing a bit of water into your curls followed by a curl refresher (or even a bit of conditioner) will bring the curls back to life and make them look as fresh and bouncy as they did on day one!

While there is so much to consider on this topics, these are just some on the basics I keep in mind when dealing with my natural hair.

Click the video below to watch me transform my fresh-out-the-shower hair to bouncy, full, curly toils.

Nicole Norman
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