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17 Aug

Developing a skincare routine

The beauty industry has really blown up lately. With new make up products and tutorials everywhere on instagram and youtube, it can be easy to get lost in the glamour of it all while forgetting the mot essential aspect: your skin. More than just skin, but the canvas on to which one experiments with the latest trends in contouring, highlighting, strobing, baking, liquid lipsticks, false lashes, the list goes on! It’s a long list and its a lot for your skins to deal with.

Taking care of your skin should come first; it is the foundation on which you enhance your features and should be given just as much attention. Now, I am no skin expert and I  certainly don’t have perfect skin, but in my efforts to do my skin right through finding products for myself, I thought I would share my journey to healthier skin.

For a long time my skin care regime consisted of a facial soap and moisturiser,  and in my simplicity I was okay with it. It was sometime around the beginning of the year that I felt I needed more: I was attending more events and scheduling weekly shoots where I would wear a full face of make-up, which along with wearing make-up everyday, had me breaking out in the usual T-zone but also on my cheeks which was strange for me. I had my eye on a variations of clay mask as I felt this would really help me with blackheads and oiliness.

The sales associate at the Clicks pharmacy I visited advised me that as I was establishing a skincare-routine, it would be better to choose a brand and stick to it. I opted for Nivea as I felt it was  a reputable skin care brand and I had used their products before (read more here). I picked out a few basic products to get me going and my routine has now evolved to more that just soap and lotion – here why:


1. Garnier Pure Active Miceller Cleansing Water: I have heard a lot about this make up remover and decided to give it a try considering I was never happy with make-up remover wipes; I always found them to be quite rough. I apply the solution to a cotton pad and wipe it over my face, it removes foundation and lipstick easily but I do have to use a few cotton pads to get my eye make up off. I was okay with using a different brand as this solution would be washed off my face.

2. Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash: This is a fantastic daily wash that takes the place of any soaps in my routine. Soaps can be quite drying, yet the gel-like wash refreshes and cleanses skin with out drying is out.

3. Daily Essentials Skin Refining Scrub: This scrub refines the skin’s surface and exfoliates thoroughly while removing dead skin. I never realised how much of a difference a scrub would make and this one is gentle enough to use daily, however I only use it about twice a week.

4. Refreshing Toner: I had been thinking about getting a toner for the longest time as my intense laugh lines have started you irk me. Although this might necessarily be the answer to petty problem, this product is certainly refreshing and I do find that the elasticity of my skin is enhanced, however I do believe I could do without this product.

5. Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream: Lotions are really the prize product when it comes to the Nivea brand and although there are and array of creams of the shelves, I opted for the light moisturising day cream which I use both in the morning and at night. It has a great consistency and is light enough for me to wear whatever the time of day.

6. The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask: I really love using this mask as is has such great oil-balancing qualities. It draws out impurities and leaves my skin feeling to soft and refreshed. I use this once a week, followed by toner and moisturiser.

7. Hydo Care Lipbalm: I have chronically dry lips (if that is even a thing). My lips just always seem dry and with the latest trends in matte lipsticks, dry cracked lips just won’t do. I am constantly applying lip moisturisers and I tend to go for the intense-moisurising balms, otherwise a generous layer of vaseline works for me too.


Tips if your starting out:

  • Start with a band you are somewhat familiar with.
  • Buy all your products for the same brand when starting out, as different brands could have various chemicals that don’t mix well with others.
  • Slowly switch things up if you feel the need, but be aware of any changes in your skin.



* This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased all these products with my own money and these are my genuine opinions.




Nicole Norman
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