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22 Oct

I’m a Tv Presenter! (watch 1st episode)

Nicole Norman, Exfrontiers, SABC3

As you might now by now a result of my continuous posts on social media – I am a TV presenter! I am super excited about this new role and the challenges and rewards that come along with the experience. I must say that this is quite a big deal for me and this opportunity presents itself as yet another piece in the puzzle that continues to create the picture I envision for my life. It might prove to be more challenging for those of you who know me though my writing, social channels or now – as an onscreen personality to believe than those who know me  personally as the girl that is generally quite reserved and even shy at times. I confess that it’s a sort of zero to hero tale, that in my opinion comes down to confidence – or moreover, self-belief. I hope if anything, that the girl that who was always last to present her class-speech or offer and answer in lectures can somehow inspire your inner self-belief through a Tv screen near you.


Catch my co-host, Ayanda Nyathi and I in Exfrontiers, a teen tech show airing every Sunday morning at 09h30 on SABC3.



Nicole Norman
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