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6 Jul

Making Moves

When I started my blog years back in the youth-filled summer days of 2012 (Yes I had a blog back then – check archives) I knew that I wanted to write about fashion and
share my journey as I embarked on my fashion school education. Looking back at how I went about things, I can determine a certain apprehensiveness in  my young self. I fell in love with fashion at a very young age. From admiring my mother’s style, dress up on civvies days at school, to watching fashion TV and admiring the fabulous life of Kimora Lee Simmons. My love for fashion was pure; forming in a time when I was innocently and blissfully unaware of the often intimidating nature of the industry.

As ironic as it may be, it was most properly at fashion school that I came to realise the dog-eat-dog nature of the industry – not that I wasn’t aware of it before, but the support and encouragement I had received in school as the dubbed “fashion girl” was gone – at design school we were all the “fashi
on girl”.  I’ve come to acknowledge that many people share the same dreams and what ever it is you are working towards there are probably countless other individuals who have similar aspirations.

I think I’ve come quite far since the days of writing posts that I wouldn’t share or tell anyone about. I was so shy of wanting something that so many other people wanted – even though my desire for it was so intense and pure. It was as though I attempted to quietly satisfy my own dreams while trying not to offend or disrupt those who openly went for the vey thing I wanted.


I can’t say there was a particular turn-around moment and I don’t believe personal development is a epiphany-styled occurrence, but gradually over time I’ve come to train myself to put my head down and focus on my work and my dreams. Like the saying goes  – Mind Your Own Business. I can confess to days where I’ve published articles on the blog or on Instagram and walked away from my device because I was  so nervous about putting myself out there to be judged.

I’ve gotten better at shamelessly putting my self out there because I am starting to understand that only I know the great extent of my dreams, only I can see what must be done in order to get closer to my goals and at times that can seem strange to an outsider. Lets do what we need to today to get where we want to go tomorrow.


About this Look:

Dressing like the Tumblr girls who intimidate me on campus;
layered knits and corduroy:

Mens corduroy shirt: Woolworths

Long white knit: Cotton On

Grey Knit, Boyfriend Jeans, Glasses and Sneakers: Mr Price


IMG_9978 IMG_9975IMG_9988 IMG_9974IMG_9969


Photography: Caro Theron


Nicole Norman
  • saskiasevenster

    Don’t be intimidated by ‘dem tumblr girls… you’re gorgeous! X

    July 7, 2016 at 7:38 am Reply
    • Nicole Norman

      Thank you Sassy! <3 You are so sweet and your support is much appreciated.

      July 7, 2016 at 10:04 am Reply

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