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26 Apr

My Bokeh Experience

As mentioned in my previous post, The Mercedes- Benz Bokeh international fashion film festival is a platform for talented filmmakers to showcase their works within the discipline of fashion. The event is also and opportunity to gain some serious international exposure for designers as was the case with the first feature of the event’s line-up. The graduate showcase afforded a selected group of young talented design students and recent graduates to show off their creations in a live fashion show that took place in the spectacular venue. Other designer had their pieces on display on the rotating catwalk installation or on the ‘talking’ mannequins.

Guests were treated to complementary mini makeovers from mac cosmetics, free manicures from fox box, delicious hot beverages from caffelux and of course fresh popcorn as event is all about cinematic excellence after all! The directors lounge featured individual screenings of the short films, allowing guest a moment to truly appreciate the craftsmanship of the films as they are transported through vibrant imagery and submerged into the world of the film via the Sony surround-sound headphones.
The red carpet gala that took place in the evening was certainly a spectacular experience and sharing my moment on the carpet with friends made it all the more special. After being snapped on arrival, guest were welcomed to the over the top venue to indulge in gourmet finger foods, sushi salads, mini mexican bowls and endless amounts of bubbly. A night of rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of fashion and show-business ended on a dramatic note with the screening of the selected films, with the awards ceremony to follow the next evening.

About our looks: 

I am by no means a red carpet expert – having just made my first appearance, I am self-confessedly the opposite, however I know a thing or two about events like this and is certainly is all about landing on the best dressed list. Our outfits for the evening were quite a contentious topic; from finding dresses to just hours before the event to not knowing which way to way to wrap a wrap dress or whether to cover up our looks on again of the weather. With admittedly very little effort, our neutral looks worked as a collective as we worked the room as the coated ladies and a women and white
Outfit Details:
Dress: YDE
Coat: Afara Custom
Shoes:  Aldo
Dress: Doreen Southwood
Shoes: YDE
Bag: Overseas boutique
Jumpsuit: Edgars
Coat & Earrings: Woolworth
Shoes: Fashion Expres
Clutch: Accessorize

I decided to experiment with video a bit, as I have a multi-media assignment submission coming up and I thought I would get some practice – plus I considered that it would be great chance to document the special moments. Enjoy! (and excuse my rookie editing skills)


Nicole Norman
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