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23 Aug

Prime Time: Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a solid primer for a while now. Before picking one up, I had just been applying my make up after cleansing and moisturising my face. It was the especially busy days or nights out that would really have me noticing how my make-up was not long lasting as all. In efforts to combat this, I purchased The “Keep it Perfect” Make-up fixing spray by Essence Cosmetics and found that this really made a different in setting the product, but I still felt the need to get something to create the perfect base for my make-up and ultimately seal the deal.

I’ve heard quite a bit about using men’s post shave balms as a primer, but wasn’t quite convinced, especially with the product having quite a  ‘masculine’ scent. As a primer newbie, I opted for a brand I am familiar with. I had seen the Catrice cosmetics primers around and thought I’d go for the Pore Refining Anti-Shine primer. It is  a lightweight primer and one of three primers Catrice has on offer. With its mattifying and long-lasting oil-free qualities, I felt it best suited my needs.


The primer optically reduces the size of pores and creates a smooth base for make-up to be applied onto. I apply the product to my face after my skin care routine; I find that a little really goes a long way with this solution. My make up does not move at all during the day and I find that the shades are more vibrant than before.

As the first priming product I have tried (beside using concealer as an eyelid-primer), I find that this product really makes a difference in not only the long-wear of my make-up but also the pigment vibrancy. Retailing at around R92 at major pharmacies, its a pretty good place to start your journey to long-lasting make-up.

Nicole Norman
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