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22 Jan

Review: NIVEA Firming Body Lotion


Im sure you can recall the TV advert showing off the impressively toned legs and backside of a happy-go-lucky woman running around town in a pair of navy shorts. Those who are not entirely  clear as to her sunny disposition are directed to “ask her bum”. So after the two weeks in which the product claims to firm skin, I will now attempt, with the help of my bum, to suss out the moisturiser thats has got bums all over the country talking.

Nivea firming body lotion review

NIVEA Firming Body Lotion claims to firm skin in a mere 2 weeks. This statement, I must admit, had me sceptical from the get go. I found it hard to believe that anything, let alone a body lotion, could rid me of flabby thighs or a butt that continues to move long after I’ve stopped.

Apart from being luxuriously soft with a clean and fresh, almost baby-like fragrance, the formula is packed with powerful ingredients to support skin cells’ energy and cell renewal, which in theory should be the major contributor to firming one’s skin. One thing I must point out is that I feel quite reenergised and fresh after applying the lotion – whether thats due to the products Q10 energy+  formula or the fact that I”ve just stepped out of the shower, is still to be decided.
The bottle has a sleek design and the cap is easy to lift even with wet hands as it has a rimmed edge. The label on the back of the bottle alludes to three major improvements you should start to notice in your skin, these being: Intensively moisturises for smooth and supple skin, leaves your skin feeling more energised and most importantly – noticeably improves skin’s firmness in 2 weeks. I certainly can vouch for the the first two of the three promises, however when it comes to whether my skin is firmer than when I first began using the product – well lets just say I might need a another two weeks!
Although it might not satisfy the members of the instant-gratification world we live in, overall I think this is a great product, even when judging it purely as a moisturiser. The skin firming quality is an added bonus, and I find that paired will a healthy lifestyle inclusive of a balanced diet and regular exercise, one could truly appreciate the quality of this product.
Nivea firming body lotion review, normadic, Nicole Norman
Nivea firming body lotion review, normadic
Nivea firming body lotion review, normadic, nicole norman


Nicole Norman
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