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12 Jan

How to start a blog in 2018

Image source:[/caption] So you want to start a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog in 2018? Great! There’s never been a greater time to get started on your dreams. Imagine where you could be a year from the day you decide to take the plunge! But exactly how do you go about starting a...
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24 Aug

Designer Spotlight: Research Unit

Normadic Online, Research Unit
It was in 2011 that Erin-Lee Peterson found herself dissatisfied with the high-end luxury store presence in South Africa as opposed to that of the European markets. It was initially her mother’s matching leather handbags and shoes that sparked an understanding that quality pieces beat the quick fix of fast fashion, time and time again. The vision of what then would become her namesake brand, ELP, was clear. Providing strong, high-quality products you want to wear every day, seemed easy enough...
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