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5 May

Should you try this Peel-Off Face Mask?

Normadic Online, Black mask, Peel off
Pilaten masks have been a beauty trend for a hot minute, with beauty gurus sharing viral videos of the seemingly magical blackhead removing face peel all over Youtube an Instagram. I will admit, that the intrigued weirdo in me (AKA my true self) found disturbing pleasure in watching 'DIY black head mask gone wrong", lets just say if you don't get the glue ingredient ratio - yes glue - it can make for a pretty painful yet viral piece of...
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13 Dec

Make Up Tutorial: Quick Contour

In this make-up tutorial I'm going to be showing you how to get chiseled cheek bones and a glowy highlight - this is the quick contour! I'm using products from the new “Contourious” collection by Catrice Cosmetics. 1.Contouring Brush This brush is pefect for creating definition with its slim ergonomic shape. The bristles are thick and angled which means targeted contouring is a cinch! 2. Sculpted Powder Palette The palette consists of highlight, blush and contour tones. It has a really silky texture which makes...
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