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7 Mar

Time May Change Me

Ten weeks into the year and my energy levels are starting to normalize. The initial vigor has been replaced with a sense of routine – reassuring, yet uncomforting at the same time.

Change. The word itself demands attention – whether referring to a delay in your flight departure time or a decrease in your dress size – changes are undeniably happening in our lives; the only logical thing to do would be to embrace it.  

Having lived in the same city, in the same house and attending the same school for the 12 years I did, change was not really a prevailing occurrence in my life. Routine was the order of the day; sticking to the ‘plan’ just made things easier. So when prominent changes inevitably happened in my life I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to process and deal with it all. Perhaps a lack of change – and a strong desire for it, is exactly what adapted me for it.

This year alone I have moved out on my parent home, started studying (for the second time), cut my long hair short and had my first birthday away from home. I am constantly meeting new people and trying new things. Everyday can be an adventure if you allow it to be.

Change allows for personal growth and lifestyle improvements. It permits you to re-evaluate things and view circumstances from a different angle and this requires and open mind. It brings along opportunities you would otherwise not be exposed too.  It is a thrilling concept that means we can be forever flourishing; living exciting, colourful unpredictable lives.

Photos by Foyin Og

Nicole Norman
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