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23 Dec

Travel Kit Essentials: Don’t leave home without these!

The festive season is inevitably travel season. And with recent airport controls on lock down, the last thing you want to do is have your luggage confiscated – a sure way to start a holiday on the wrong foot! Here are a couple on my day-to-day must haves that I can’t leave home without!

1. Garner Skin Naturals BB Cream
The moment I heard about this new BB cream product, was the moment I knew it was the product for me. As a daily all-in-one skin perfection and tinted moisturiser that brightens, renews and protects – I trust Garnier’s Mircle Skin Perfector in medium shade. The product feels light on my skin and gives me a natural glow. Definitely a winner when it comes to efficient and multi-use packing!

2. Essence Big Lashes Mascara
Second on my list is the volume boosting mascara by essence “get BIG Lashes”. I really love this product as it delivers on all it promises – leaving my lashes thick, long and full. I find this to be a really reliable mascara that you can layer up for a bolder look without any clumping and the price point is pretty incredible too! Thanks essence!

3. Oh so Heavenly Bubble Balm
Its a relatively new addition to the Oh so Heavenly product line, but the new bubble balms are really making an impression on me – and Im not alone! There are clearly similarities between the OsH bubble balm and the well known EOS sphere lip balm, however I’m not here to point any fingers, but I will say that OsH has managed to captivate consumers (myself included) with not only the affordable price point, but the heavenly scent of the balm and how silky smooth it leave your lips!

4. TRESemme Heat Defence Protect
I have a big afro of curly locks and when I want to tame the mane it takes quite a bit of heat. I have been using TRESemme Heat Defence Protect for the longest time and the travel size is perfect for me – even when Im not going anywhere! I find that with this brand, a little goes along way!

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Bonus Item: Batiste Dry Shampoo
So as I mentioned, it takes quite a bit of elbow grease to get my hair straight and once I have it done, I like to keep it looking fresh with Batiste Dry Shampoo. This product is a great instant hair refresher to get you through the days between washes. I’ve been trying the cherry 200ml can and find it to be truly refreshing as it soaks up any excess oils and leaves your hair feeling bouncier than before. Smaller cans of  50ml are available, which makes this the perfect travel bag necessity!


Nicole Norman
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  • Justine Izah

    Hi Nicole! We're friends on IFB! I just wanted to say that I use Garnier Style Sleek & Shine to straighten my hair but it always leaves it feeling like I just got rubbed down with isopropyl alcohol. Knowing that you have a head of curly hair like me really makes me want to try this TRESemme product. Awesome post btw 🙂


    December 26, 2015 at 4:48 am Reply

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