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5 Dec

Tsonga Tslops Takeover

Tsonga Tslops is a South African footwear brand started by 30 women from the rural village of Lidgetton in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. These women create their stylish yet affordable footwear in community-owned, sustainable factories.
Having already penetrated the Australian, New Zealand, French and Canadian markets, this South African brand now takes on the U.S markets; as they sign off on a large shipment that is due to arrive around February 2013.

Not only is it wonderful to see South African brands making progress internationally, but to see South Africans taking control of their futures and working hard to garner all the possibilities that come with living in such an opportunity-enriched country. These women are living proof that one can enjoy empowerment through hard work, regardless of one’s situation or location.
These trendy and comfortable shoes are prices from R192
View their website and shop:

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Nicole Norman
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