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9 Feb

When I was 21

Normadic, Nicole Norman, fashion, blog

I’ve never been one to make a big deal of my birthday. This is partly due to a fear fuelled by insecurity that no one would care as much or even remember. I’m no stranger to spending the night before my day, wondering what the following hours will hold, concocting ideas that make waking up on the 9th of February unthinkable! I’m wrong every year, and every year its a good day. I guess that all I really ask for is to be acknowledge and have the boundless love that surrounds me put on display for a while.

Normadic, Nicole Norman, fashion, blog

Turning 22 has brought me too a moment of mindfulness on the year of my life that will forever be reflected upon – que “when I was 21…” references. I always thought of 21 as the year of my life, my prime time, and that nothing after that was really worth celebrating. I mean the next big one is thirty, right? I’ve since changed my outlook to consider that youthfulness is an element of the mind and soul, and instead of putting deadlines on our life experiences we should adjust our thinking to capture all that we are privileged to enjoy today. So instead of the “things to do before you’re 21” outlook, open your mind to a “things to do while I’m 21” viewpoint. Live in your moment and do what you can today, yesterday is too late and five minutes from now is not guaranteed. So here’s my happy birthday to me 🙂 and a couple of my when I was 21s…

Normadic, Nicole Norman, fashion, blog

When I was 21…
I was a fresher at university (again)
I (semi) moved out of the house
I cut off a ton of my hair and regretted it, and still do
I became financially independent
I started my own business #GirlBoss
I attended fashion week for the first time (and sat front row)
I modelled in a fashion show (I know: at this height – I’m surprised too)
I got signed to a modelling agency
I relaunched my blog and personal brand
I experienced love
I experienced heart-ache
I made incredible friends – that I live with (along with ±200 other girls)
I took a road trip without knowing where I would stay every night
I ate raw mince meat, mixed with raw egg, topped with raw onion and tons of salt and pepper to “taste”
I witnessed a revolution #FeesMustFall
I had a near death experience involving elephants, and then continued into lion’s den
I drove a smart car
I got stuck on the side of the road, in a smart car, in the middle of nowhere with 4% battery life
I was defeated by the incline, the parallel park and am still contending the code B
I jumped off a mountain, twelve times.

Normadic, Nicole Norman, fashion, blog
Normadic, Nicole Norman, fashion, blog
Normadic, Nicole Norman, fashion, blog
Normadic, Nicole Norman, fashion, blog
Normadic, Nicole Norman, fashion, blog

Photography and creative direction: Rufaro Fanadzo and Stacy Adams
Nicole Norman
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